Chiang Mai Hotels and Resorts

Chiang Mai Hotels and Resorts

Any Style You Want

Chiang Mai has long been a favourite weekend getaway for people from Central Thailand, and has always had attractive resorts in the surrounding countryside to accommodate these visitors. Many of these classic places are still in business. In the last decade or so, the city and its surroundings have seen a new wave of accommodation options emerge, though - including some very exclusive resorts and a range of distinctive hip and boutique hotels catering to the more fashionable crowd. Despite this, the city continues to offer some of the best value to be found in Asia.

Out of Town Resorts

The Four Seasons - in many ways the grandfather of the recent resurgence in quality hotels, the Four Seasons (formerly The Regent) set the tone for things to come. Lush grounds, truly personal service, secluded residences, and water buffalo on staff, this is a hotel to savour.

Sukantara - A tiny hotel built across, almost within, a waterfall in the hills above the MAe Sa Valley. The bungalows here offer isolation with luxury amid some spectacular scenery. The restaurant over the cascade offers dining to the sounds of the waterfall.

Boutique Hotels

Rachamankha - something of a pioneer among Chiang Mai's many boutque hotels, Rachamankha is well-located right nexct to Wat Phra Singh in the old city. Within it's peaceful courtyards are delightful gardens and a serene pool. Guests are also welcome to make use of the library and browse the collection of antiques in the gallery.

Ping Nakara - bringing to life the quiet elegance of Chiang Mai in the early 20th century, this intimate hotel is next to the river and only a short walk from the Night Bazaar. The hotel also features a spa offering a range of treatments, both Ayurvedic and Lanna-style, for health and relaxation.